Discover The Perfect Calligraphy Brush Set For Chinese Writing

Greetings fellow calligraphy enthusiasts! Today, we’re excited to share our experience with the⁢ Qi Ming Wen Fang‍ QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese Brush and Lang⁣ Jian Hao Xiao kai Calligraphy Brush set. As lovers of Chinese ⁣Xiaokai and Kanji, we were ‍impressed ‌by the quality and versatility⁤ of these brushes. From the 90% weasel tail hair composition to the red goat ⁢tail hair that enhances ink absorption, these brushes are a ⁣must-have⁣ for any calligraphy artist.⁤ Stay tuned​ as we ‌dive into the ⁤details of this ⁣2-piece set and provide our ‍honest review. Let’s get started!

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We are excited to introduce the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese ‌Brush ⁣set, which includes both⁣ small and large sizes. ⁢The brushes are made ​with 90% weasel tail hair, giving ‍them​ a professional and authentic feel.​ The small brush is perfect for font sizes 1.5-3cm, while the ‍large brush is ideal for font sizes​ 2-5cm. These brushes are specifically designed for Small ‌Regular Script (Xiao Kai) and are suitable for calligraphy enthusiasts of all levels.

With a combination of weasel tail hair, goat hair, and ‌hare hair, these brushes provide a smooth writing experience. The red goat tail hair on the brush waist helps‍ with ‍ink absorption, allowing for precise strokes. ‍We offer a 180-day​ refund policy, ensuring your‍ satisfaction with our product. Whether you are ​a beginner or a seasoned calligrapher, the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Brush set is a must-have for your collection.​ Experience the art ​of Chinese calligraphy with these professional-quality ⁣brushes today!

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Key Features of the Chinese Brush Set

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When it ‍comes to the‍ by Qi Ming Wen Fang, we were impressed by the varying sizes and hair materials ⁤included in ⁢this 2-piece pack. The S size ⁢brush is perfect for font sizes 1.5-3cm,⁢ while the L size brush ⁣is suitable for⁢ font sizes 2-5cm. With a combination of weasel tail, goat hair, and hare⁣ hair, these brushes offer a unique and professional writing experience ideal for‍ Small Regular Script and Xiao Kai calligraphy styles.

What sets this Chinese Brush Set apart is its ability to cater to different writing needs based on font size and script type. ⁢The 100% real materials used in⁢ crafting⁢ these‍ brushes ensure a high-quality ​writing tool that provides ​excellent ink absorption and stroke precision. Plus,⁢ with a 180-day ⁢refund⁤ policy and lifetime counseling from Qi Ming Wen Fang, you‍ can trust that you’re investing in a reliable and ‍effective calligraphy brush set. If you’re looking to elevate your calligraphy skills, we highly recommend checking out the Chinese Brush Set on Amazon for a professional writing ⁤experience.

In-depth Analysis ⁤and Insights

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Our analysis of the Qi Ming ⁣Wen Fang QingSu Calligraphy Brush set revealed ‌a high-quality product suitable for various calligraphy styles. The brush is designed for Small Regular Script / Xiao Kai, with one​ brush suitable for font size ‌1.5-3cm and another for font size 2-5cm.⁤ The professional brush is made of 90% weasel tail hair, 5% ​goat ‌hair, and 5% hare hair, ensuring a smooth and precise writing ⁣experience.

The brush’s red goat tail hair ‌on the brush waist enhances ink absorption and holding capacity, ⁣making it ideal for detailed calligraphy work. ⁢Additionally, with a promise of 180⁤ days of free refund and‌ lifetime counseling, ​Qi Ming Wen Fang guarantees customer satisfaction with​ their product. For ⁤calligraphers ⁤seeking a reliable and versatile brush set, the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Calligraphy Brush ⁤set is⁢ a must-have ​addition to their⁢ collection.

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Recommendations and Conclusion

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After thoroughly testing the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Chinese Calligraphy‌ Brush set, we are​ pleased to​ recommend​ this product⁢ to both beginner and advanced calligraphers. The craftsmanship and quality materials used in these brushes truly shine through in⁢ the writing experience. The 90% ⁣weasel tail hair composition ensures ​a⁤ smooth and precise stroke, perfect‍ for Small Regular Script / Xiao Kai.

If you are looking for​ a⁣ professional writing brush ⁢that delivers on performance and durability, look no further than the QingSu ⁢Chinese ⁢Calligraphy ‌Brush set. The blend of weasel tail hair, goat⁢ hair, and hare ⁣hair provides the perfect balance for optimal ink absorption and control. Coupled with ⁤the 180-day ⁢refund policy, you can confidently invest in these brushes for your calligraphy needs. Don’t miss⁣ out on enhancing your calligraphy practice with these top-notch brushes!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Qi Ming Wen‌ Fang QingSu Small Regular⁢ Script⁤ Chinese Brush Set, it is clear that this product has garnered positive feedback from users with ​varying levels ​of ‍experience in ⁣Chinese calligraphy.


The majority of users praised the quality and versatility of the brushes,‌ highlighting attributes such as ink retention, brush control, ⁣and ease of cleaning. Many customers appreciated the packaging and construction quality of the ⁢brushes, making it⁤ a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced calligraphers alike.

Review Key Points
i used the product, it is good. Positive feedback on product performance.
Good quality but too soft. Mention ‍of⁤ brush softness.
Beginner’s experience in Ou-style calligraphy, praises brush performance and‌ durability after extensive use. High performance for various calligraphy families.
Perfect for Sumi-e art. Well-suited for different art forms.
Positive feedback on performance after⁣ initial use. Good construction ⁤quality and consistent performance.
Testing of L/M‌ brushes, comment on ⁣weight, absorption, and value. Good weight, absorption, and value for price.
Initial testing of S/M/L set, positive feedback on performance and ink ‍control. Good performance and control for different brush sizes.
Comment on sharp point, ink retention, and packaging. Sharp‌ point, ink ‌retention, and quality packaging⁣ praised.
Perfect for 瘦金體‍ calligraphy style. Strength and ink retention suitable for specific calligraphy⁢ style.
Overall​ positive feedback on product performance. Consistent positive feedback from customers.

Based on these reviews, the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese Brush Set appears to be a reliable and versatile option for those looking for high-quality brushes for their Chinese⁢ calligraphy and Sumi-e‌ art needs.

Pros‍ & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • High-quality weasel​ hair brush for ⁣Chinese Xiaokai or Kanji ⁣writing
  • Comes in a set of ⁤two brushes, small and large, for versatility
  • Suitable for Small ⁢Regular ⁢Script / Xiao Kai, perfect for⁢ beginners and advanced calligraphers
  • Professional Chinese calligraphy brush made by Qi Ming Wen Fang
  • 90% weasel⁣ tail hair ⁤for a​ smooth and precise writing experience
  • Red goat tail hair on the brush waist for increased​ ink absorption
  • 180-day refund​ policy for quality‌ assurance


  • Some shedding of hairs is normal on new brushes
  • May not be suitable for larger font sizes above 5cm
  • Higher price point compared ​to other brush sets


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Q: What are the sizes of the brushes⁤ included ⁢in the set?
A: The set includes⁤ a Small size brush for ​font ‍sizes 1.5-3cm and a Large size brush ​for font sizes 2-5cm.

Q:​ What materials are the brushes made⁣ of?
A: The‌ brushes are made of 90% weasel tail hair, ensuring a high quality​ writing experience.

Q: What type of​ writing style are ​the brushes suitable for?
A: The brushes ⁣are suitable for​ Small Regular Script / Xiaokai, making‍ them perfect for Chinese calligraphy writing.

Q: ⁣How can I choose the right calligraphy brush?
A: You can choose the brush‌ by size or material. We offer a range of brushes suitable for different‌ writing styles and preferences.

Q: What is​ the refund ⁢policy for the brushes?
A: We offer a 180 days ⁢refund policy, so ⁤you can shop with confidence knowing ⁣that you⁤ have‍ the option to return the brushes if‌ they do not meet your expectations.

Ignite Your Passion

As we wrap up our review of ​the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Calligraphy Brush Set, we hope you have gained valuable⁤ insights into this‌ high-quality product. With its professional design and‍ 100% real weasel tail hair, this brush set is sure⁤ to enhance your Chinese calligraphy writing experience.

If you are ready to take your calligraphy skills to the next level, we highly recommend investing⁢ in ⁣this set. Don’t miss out on ‍the opportunity to create beautiful characters with ease and​ precision.

To ⁤get your⁢ hands on the Qi Ming ⁢Wen Fang QingSu⁤ Calligraphy Brush Set, click the link‌ below and make your purchase today:‍ Purchase‍ Here!

Happy‌ writing!

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