Experience the Power of Pure Moxibustion: A Detailed Review

Welcome to our product review blog post featuring the 10-Years Purity 60:1‍ Ratio Pure Moxibustion⁣ Sticks Rolls and Moxibustion⁣ Patches Nature Wormwood Leaf Moxa Sticker Paste. We had the‌ opportunity to try out this traditional Chinese therapy set, and we are excited to share ⁣our experience with you. From⁤ the high purity moxa⁤ sticks to the moxibustion patches, we will dive into ‍the details of each component included in‌ this‍ comprehensive package. Join us as we explore the benefits, usage instructions, and overall quality of this moxibustion set. ⁣Let’s get started!

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Our focus is always on providing you with ⁣the best and most reliable moxibustion products. The ⁤10-Years Purity 60:1 Ratio Pure Moxibustion Sticks Rolls and ‌Moxibustion Patches included in​ this set are designed to bring you the utmost quality and effectiveness. The moxa sticks are made of​ nature wild Argy wormwood, with a 60:1 ratio for maximum purity. Each stick burns steadily and ‌uniformly, releasing a ‌strong aroma that permeates⁢ effectively. The moxibustion⁢ patches are perfect⁣ for targeting specific​ areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, ​back, and⁤ joints. They are crafted from Chinese Traditional Paste to ⁤improve blood circulation and keep the body warm, making them ideal for those who struggle ‍with feeling cold in their hands and feet.

In addition to the high-quality moxibustion products included in this set, you’ll also receive an English Acupoint map to help you better understand and utilize acupressure points for optimal⁤ therapy results. Remember, it’s important to ⁣follow some guidelines for safe and effective moxibustion, such as avoiding baths within 30 minutes after treatment⁤ and refraining from moxibustion during ‌menstruation. This set is not ‌recommended ‌for infants, pregnant women,‌ or those with very thin or super-sensitive skin. Whether you’re a seasoned‌ moxibustion practitioner or new to the practice, this comprehensive set has everything you need for ⁢a fulfilling and ⁣effective experience. Experience the‍ benefits of moxibustion for ​yourself by ‍clicking the link below to purchase this set on⁤ Amazon.

Key Features of the 10-Years‌ Purity‌ Moxibustion Set

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The 10-Years Purity Moxibustion Set is⁣ a premium collection that includes 54 high purity moxibustion sticks ‍and 12 moxibustion patch pads for ⁤a comprehensive therapy experience. The moxa sticks are made from pure nature wild Argy wormwood with ⁤a 60:1​ ratio, ensuring optimal effectiveness in each session. These sticks⁢ burn steadily and uniformly, permeating strongly for a deep therapeutic effect. ​Additionally, the moxibustion patch pads are ideal for targeting specific areas like the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hands, feet, and joints. They are designed to improve blood circulation, ⁣keep⁢ the ‌body warm, and clear dampness, making them especially beneficial for those who tend to feel⁤ cold in their ⁤extremities.

To enhance the ⁣therapy‍ experience, the⁢ set also includes an English acupoint map that helps users easily⁤ locate and stimulate key acupoints for⁤ better results. It’s important to note that after moxibustion sessions,⁣ it’s recommended not to take a bath within 30 minutes, women should avoid moxibustion during menstruation, and the treatment is not suitable for infants, pregnant women, or individuals with very thin or super-sensitive skin. With the 10-Years Purity Moxibustion Set, you can enjoy the benefits of traditional moxibustion therapy in the comfort of your own home, promoting overall⁤ well-being and relaxation. Discover the effectiveness of this premium moxibustion set by getting yours today from Amazon.

Detailed Insights‌ into the ⁢Benefits of Using Moxibustion

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Experience⁢ the incredible benefits of using high-quality moxibustion⁣ sticks and patches with the ⁣10-Years Purity 60:1 ‌Ratio Pure Moxibustion Set. Each⁣ box‍ includes 54 moxibustion sticks and 12 moxibustion patches made of nature wild Argy wormwood. The 60:1 ratio guarantees a higher purity level, ensuring a more ​effective and clean burning‍ experience. The moxibustion sticks are ⁤designed to burn steadily and permeate strongly, offering a mild and clean smell that distinguishes them from inferior moxa products. With a longer ⁤burning time, these moxa sticks provide ‍better​ curative effects, making them an essential addition to your wellness routine.

Enhance your moxibustion practice with our Chinese ⁣Traditional Moxibustion Patch Pads, which are suitable for various body areas​ such as the neck, shoulder, back, waist, hands, feet, ‌and joints. These patches help improve blood circulation, keep the ⁣body warm, and clear dampness, ⁤making them perfect for individuals who struggle with cold extremities. ​Before moxibustion, applying a moxa patch⁢ can enhance the overall effect. Additionally, the included English Acupoint Map offers valuable insights into acupressure points, helping you ‍achieve better therapeutic results. Remember, after moxibustion, avoid taking a bath for 30‌ minutes,​ refrain ⁣from moxibustion during menstruation, and ‌avoid this therapy if‌ you are an infant, pregnant, or have thin and ⁤super-sensitive skin. Elevate your moxibustion experience today‌ with this comprehensive moxibustion set. Shop now for⁢ a‌ holistic approach to ​wellness.

Our Recommendations for Maximizing the‍ Effects of the Product

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When it comes to maximizing the effects of the product, there are‌ a few key recommendations we have for you. First and foremost, ​it’s crucial to understand ‍the purity of the moxa sticks you are using. With a 60:1 ratio, our moxa sticks are ​made from high-quality wild Argy wormwood, ensuring a more potent and effective moxibustion experience. The higher the purity, the ⁣better the results, ⁢so always opt for pure moxa sticks ‌with no impurities ‌for the best outcomes.

Another important tip is to pay attention to the frequency ⁤of your⁤ moxibustion⁢ sessions. Aim to ⁢do moxibustion once a day or 3-4 ‌times per week, with each session lasting about 30 minutes. Consistency ‍is key when it comes to reaping the benefits of moxibustion, so make sure ⁣to set aside dedicated time for your sessions. Remember, patience is key, and the longer you stick to your moxibustion routine, the ⁢better the⁤ curative effects will be. If you’re looking to enhance your ⁣moxibustion experience even further, consider applying the included moxibustion patches before your⁤ session⁤ for an added boost. Ready to take your moxibustion practice to the next level? Check out our​ product on Amazon‌ and start maximizing ‍the‍ effects today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After going through multiple customer reviews,​ we have gathered some⁤ key insights ⁢about the 10-Years ⁣Purity ⁣60:1 Ratio ​Pure Moxibustion Sticks Rolls and Moxibustion Patches. Here is a ⁣breakdown of ‍the main points:

Review Overall Sentiment
I use it a few⁤ times a week, they smell good, compared ⁣to longer ones. It burned too fast; I wish they could make a longer ones Neutral
The quality of the product is very good. It helps ​me managing my pain. Positive
I don’t usually write review unless I feel it’s really necessary. ‍This product is‌ really good.‌ But too sad‌ that I‍ cannot buy‍ more now since they are out of stock. Positive
Good Product Positive
Cannot light up Negative
I usually ‍use it when I have shoulder ‍or back pain. It can relieve the pain. Thank you Positive
The shipment came fast and the product ‍is neat and what I​ wanted. Positive
Rolls are not easy to burn. Some rolls ⁤don’t get burned at all. Negative
Very effective‌ in healing pains and flu. Positive
Sorry, made a mistake, I ⁤am claiming about my another​ order of a⁢ quilt , ⁢but I confuse that order⁤ with this one. the ⁢moxa stick is okay, no problem Neutral
Don’t buy rubbish Negative
A good ‍product, would​ buy⁣ again Positive

Overall, ​it seems that the product ⁣has mixed reviews from customers.‌ While some have found it effective in managing⁣ pain and healing,​ others have faced issues​ with the burning speed and quality of the moxibustion sticks. It⁤ is important to consider these points before making a decision to purchase this product.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. High Purity: Made of nature wild Argy wormwood, with a 60:1 ratio for superior⁢ quality.
  2. Professional Grade: Focuses on qualified and superior ‍real moxa rolls for effective ‌moxibustion.
  3. Package Inclusions: Comes with 54pcs of ⁤Moxibustion roll sticks, 12pcs of Moxibustion Patch Pads, and an English Acupoint map.
  4. Effective Therapy: Enhances blood circulation, relieves⁣ pain, and warms the body.
  5. Easy to Use: The size of each stick is 18x27mm, making it convenient for targeted​ application.
  6. Acupoint Map: Helps users understand acupoints for better therapy effects.


  1. Smoke Production: As with any moxibustion product made of nature wormwood, there will​ be some smoke while burning.
  2. Not Suitable for Everyone: Not recommended for infants,⁢ pregnant women, or individuals with⁣ very thin or super-sensitive skin.
  3. Post-Treatment Restrictions: Users should avoid taking a bath within 30 minutes after moxibustion and women should not use it⁤ during menstruation.


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    Q: What ‍is the moxa ratio?

A: The ‍moxa ratio refers to the purity of the moxa stick. A higher ratio means higher purity. In this case,​ our 10-Years Purity‍ 60:1 ⁤Ratio Pure Moxibustion Sticks Rolls are ‌made‌ from 60 kgs ⁤of raw moxibustion plant to produce 1 ⁢kg of moxibustion velvet.

Q: How can I tell if the moxa is pure?

A: Pure moxa sticks are golden⁣ and exquisite ‌with no impurities. They burn mildly and emit a clean smell. It’s ‌essential to​ distinguish ⁤pure ‌moxa ⁤from inferior varieties based ‍on these characteristics.

Q: Why⁤ does smoke occur during moxibustion?

A: Smoke is a natural byproduct ‌of burning moxibustion sticks ‍made from nature wormwood. The higher the purity of the moxa stick, the⁣ lighter the smoke and‍ cleaner the smell. We do not recommend smokeless moxa sticks, ⁤as they may not provide the desired moxibustion effect.

Q: How often should​ I do⁣ moxibustion?

A: It is ‍recommended to do moxibustion‌ once a day or ‌3-4 ‍times⁢ per week, with each session lasting around 30 minutes.

Q: Are there any precautions to take before moxibustion?

A: After moxibustion, it’s advisable ‌not to take a bath within ⁤30 minutes. ‍Women ⁣should avoid moxibustion during menstruation. Additionally, moxibustion is not suitable for infants,⁢ pregnant ⁤women, or individuals with very thin or super-sensitive skin.

We hope these questions have‍ shed light on the benefits and usage of our 10-Years Purity 60:1 Ratio Pure Moxibustion Sticks Rolls ⁣and Moxibustion Patches. Thank you for considering our product for your moxibustion needs.

Unleash‍ Your True ⁣Potential

As we conclude ‌our detailed review of ⁢the “10-Years Purity 60:1 Ratio Pure Moxibustion Sticks Rolls 艾灸柱54pcs/Box, Moxibustion Patches Nature Wormwood Leaf Moxa Sticker Paste 12pcs 艾灸贴”, we hope that our insights have provided you with ⁤a better understanding of⁢ the power of pure moxibustion. With its high purity and quality ingredients, this product offers a unique and effective way to experience the benefits of traditional Chinese therapy.

If you are ready to embark on your journey to wellness with pure moxibustion, we invite you to click ‌the link below to purchase your own⁣ set of moxibustion sticks and patches. Feel the warmth, relaxation, and healing effects of moxibustion for yourself!

Click here to purchase the “10-Years Purity 60:1 Ratio Pure Moxibustion Sticks Rolls 艾灸柱54pcs/Box, Moxibustion Patches Nature Wormwood Leaf Moxa Sticker Paste 12pcs 艾灸贴” on Amazon now: Buy ‌Now

Thank you for joining us on ⁢this moxibustion journey, and we wish you radiant health and well-being!

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