Review: THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts – Split Workout Shorts We Love

Here at our review blog, we had the pleasure of trying ⁤out THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waisted Running⁢ Shorts Mesh Liner Side Split Workout Shorts Zipper Pocket, ‌and ⁤we are excited to share our thoughts with you. These shorts offer both style and ⁢functionality, making them a ⁢versatile option‌ for any workout enthusiast. With features ​like a high waist design, ‌mesh liner, side splits, and a convenient zipper pocket, these shorts are sure to become a staple in your activewear collection. Join us as we dive deeper​ into our firsthand experience with these⁤ running shorts and discover if they live up ⁢to the hype!

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Our team⁣ recently tried out a pair of high waisted running ‌shorts that have ​quickly become‍ our new favorite workout gear. These shorts are not⁤ only stylish, but⁤ they ⁢are also extremely comfortable and functional. The mesh liner and side splits​ allow for maximum breathability, while the zipper pocket is⁤ perfect for storing​ keys or a phone while on the ​go.

One of the standout features ⁢of these shorts is the high quality‍ materials used. The super soft touch of the fabric⁣ keeps you warm all day in fall and winter, making them‍ versatile for different‌ seasons. Additionally, the mock‌ turtleneck shirt gives unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit. With package dimensions of 10.91 x 8.23 x⁣ 1.22 inches and weighing only 4.66 ounces, these shorts‍ are​ lightweight and easy to⁤ pack for any workout or outdoor adventure. Give them a try ⁢and experience the comfort and style for yourself!

Standout Features

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When it comes to , these running shorts have‍ it all. The high waisted design not only⁤ provides extra coverage and support, but also helps to smooth and shape your silhouette‌ for ‌a flattering fit. The⁢ mesh liner ‌enhances ⁤breathability, ⁢keeping ‍you cool and comfortable during⁢ even the‍ toughest‌ workouts. Plus, the side split‍ detail adds a touch of style and allows for greater freedom of movement.

One of the most impressive features of these workout shorts is the zipper pocket, which is perfect ‌for storing small essentials like​ keys, cards, or cash. This secure‌ pocket ⁢ensures that your belongings stay ⁤safe and close at hand,⁤ so you can focus ⁣on⁢ your fitness goals without any distractions. With a combination of style, functionality, and ‍comfort, these running shorts are a must-have addition to any ‌activewear collection.

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Detailed Insights

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When it comes to workout shorts, we always look‌ for comfort, style, and functionality. The THE ‌GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts definitely ticks all ‌the boxes. With a mesh liner and side split‌ design, ⁤these shorts not ⁤only provide‌ breathability ⁣but also give you the freedom to move effortlessly during your workout ​sessions. The zipper⁢ pocket is a convenient addition, allowing us to store essentials without worrying about them falling out.

What impressed us the most about these ⁤running shorts is the ​attention to detail in the design. The ultra-soft touch fabric feels ⁣cozy against the skin, ⁢keeping us warm during colder seasons. The mock turtleneck style⁤ provides a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring that we can focus on ⁣our ‌workouts without any distractions.‌ With its practical features and stylish look, these running shorts have easily become our go-to choice for all ‌our fitness activities. For those looking for a quality pair of running shorts ​that offer both comfort and style, we highly​ recommend checking out the THE GYM⁣ PEOPLE Women’s High⁣ Waisted Running Shorts.


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When it comes to the perfect pair of running shorts, THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts hit all ‌the marks. The mesh liner provides extra support and breathability, while ‌the side⁤ split design allows for freedom of movement during runs or workouts. Plus, the zipper pocket is a game-changer for storing keys, cards, or‌ other essentials while on the go.

We ⁤were pleasantly surprised by the​ quality of the fabric and‍ construction of these shorts. The super soft touch and high-waisted design make them incredibly comfortable to wear all day, whether you’re hitting the​ gym or‍ just running‌ errands. The mock turtleneck ⁢shirt in ⁣this set is another winner, ‍offering unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit.‌ Trust us, you won’t regret adding these shorts to your activewear collection!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the⁢ customer reviews for THE ⁤GYM PEOPLE Women’s High ‌Waisted Running Shorts,‍ we found a mix of ⁢opinions regarding ‍the fit, comfort, and overall look of these workout shorts.

Review Rating
I love ‍the way these feel, they’re‍ super ⁣comfortable! I wish they were⁣ a little longer because it would look better ⁣on ‌me but ⁣these are perfect for working out, running, yoga, etc. they’re split all the ⁢way up the side so you can move without any constraints what so ever. Positive
Amazing fit. These shorts are very comfortable but the top waist part is a different material ⁢and where it ends and the other ⁣part begins falls at a Strange spot. It ⁣might just be me.⁣ I ordered a size ⁢large.​ ⁣ I’m 5’7″ 170lbs and wear a size 8 in jeans. They seem true to size. Another thing to keep in mine is the bottom hem of the⁢ shorts is a open​ cut. There is no bottom hem. Overall they are⁤ comfortable lightweight and the color is great. Mixed
The‍ shorts ⁣fit ‌perfectly! ⁤Love them!!! Already bought more!!! Positive
I am not sure what’s going on‍ here, but they⁢ do not look good on me ⁢at all!! I mean just look at the picture. They are not large underneath, ‌but look too large outside.Definitely not ‌for my body type.Too‌ bad. Negative
It ⁣feels and looks like a skirt. Negative
I love the material, look, and ⁤feel of these shorts so⁢ much that after getting⁤ these I went back ‍and ordered them again in the pink⁤ color. They‌ are amazing for working out, running especially. The cuts up the side are very flattering and make ⁢your ‌legs look nice and long.‌ I​ got medium and they fit perfectly with a high waist. Positive
These shorts fit way too big in the waist! I ordered‍ my normal size, and everywhere fit fine except​ for the⁣ waist. Negative

Overall,​ the majority of customers enjoyed⁢ the comfort‍ and flexibility of THE​ GYM PEOPLE Women’s High ‍Waisted Running Shorts. However, some customers experienced issues​ with the fit‍ around the waist or the overall look of the shorts. It’s ⁤important to consider your body type and⁢ personal preferences when deciding ⁣whether these running shorts are ‌right for you.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. ​High Waisted Design
2. Mesh Liner for Added ⁢Comfort
3. Side Split for Better Range ⁢of Motion
4. ⁤Zipper Pocket for Secure Storage
5.⁤ Stylish and Flattering Fit


1. Sizing ⁣Runs Small,‍ Consider ‌Sizing‌ Up
2. Mesh Liner May Feel Restrictive to Some
3. Limited Color Options Available
4. Fabric‍ May Wrinkle Easily

Overall, we really enjoyed ⁤wearing THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts. They are comfortable, stylish, and functional for any workout. While there are some drawbacks, such as sizing and limited color options, the⁢ pros ⁢definitely outweigh ⁢the cons. These shorts are a great addition to our activewear collection.


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Q: Are these running‍ shorts true to size?

A: Yes, ‌we found that⁤ THE GYM⁢ PEOPLE Women’s⁣ High Waisted Running ⁢Shorts fit true to size. We recommend checking the ​size chart provided‍ by the brand to ⁢ensure you get the perfect‌ fit for your body.

Q: How comfortable ⁤are these workout shorts for ‌running?

A: ⁢These ⁤running shorts are incredibly comfortable for running. The mesh liner and high-waisted design provide support and coverage, while the side⁤ splits allow for freedom of⁤ movement during your workout.

Q: Do these ⁤shorts have pockets?

A: Yes, THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts feature a convenient zipper ‍pocket on the⁤ side, perfect⁤ for storing your essentials like keys, cards, or your phone while you’re on⁣ the go.

Q: Are these shorts breathable?

A: Absolutely!⁤ The ‌mesh liner and side splits of these workout shorts provide ventilation and breathability,⁢ keeping you cool and comfortable even during intense workouts.

Q: How do these running⁣ shorts hold up after washing?

A: We’ve found⁢ that ⁤these running shorts maintain ​their ⁣shape and quality after washing.⁢ We recommend following⁢ the care instructions⁢ provided by the brand to ensure longevity.

Unlock Your Potential

As we wrap up our review of THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts, we can ⁣confidently say that these split workout shorts ⁤have ‍exceeded our expectations. The mesh liner, side split design,⁤ and zipper pocket offer both style and functionality, making them a must-have for any active woman’s⁤ wardrobe.

If‌ you’re looking for a comfortable ‍and chic ⁤pair of running shorts that will keep up⁢ with your high-intensity ‍workouts, look no further than these from THE GYM PEOPLE. Trust us,⁣ you won’t be disappointed!

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