Reviewing the Ultimate Learning Bundle: Happy Lambs and Grey Wolf 3D Hanging Charts

Welcome to our review of the⁢ delightful product​ “喜羊羊与灰太狼 立体挂图: 汉语拼音 +⁣ 基础识字 + 学习ABC + 认识颜色和形状 + 认识时间​ + ⁢九九乘法表 + 加减法口算表 + 学数1-20 + 数数1-100 (套装共9册)”! This comprehensive set of 9 books ⁤is perfect for children who are ⁤eager to learn and expand their knowledge in a ‍fun and engaging‌ way.

From learning Chinese pinyin​ and basic vocabulary to mastering the ABCs, colors, shapes, time ‌telling, and even multiplication‍ tables, this set covers a wide range of essential subjects for young learners. The interactive format of the books, with their‌ vibrant illustrations and engaging activities, makes​ learning an enjoyable experience for children of all ages.

We had the pleasure of‌ exploring ​these books ​with our little ‍ones, and ⁣we were ​truly impressed by the ‌attention to detail and the thoughtfulness put into each page. The clear layout and interactive elements kept our children entertained and eager to learn more.⁢

If you’re looking⁤ for a ⁤comprehensive and engaging educational resource for your young learners, we highly recommend checking out the “喜羊羊与灰太狼 立体挂图” set. It’s a fantastic way to spark curiosity and inspire ⁣a love for learning in your ⁢children.

Table of Contents


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Let’s dive into the ​world of ​learning with⁣ this amazing bundle of educational books that covers a wide range of topics.⁢ From Pinyin to basic literacy skills, ABCs to ⁣ colors and shapes‍ recognition, telling time to multiplication tables,‍ and addition/subtraction ‌mental math to number recognition from 1-100, this set of 9 books has got it all! Each book is packed with ​interactive content that makes learning ​fun and engaging for young readers.

With Simplified‌ Chinese language used throughout the books, children not ⁢only enhance their knowledge in a variety of⁣ subjects⁢ but also⁣ improve their language skills. The ASIN number: ‍B018KY2PCS uniquely identifies⁣ this collection, ‌making it easy to ⁤find and​ order online.‍ Don’t miss out on this fantastic set of books that ‍will ⁣surely​ benefit your ⁣child’s learning ​journey. Get your hands on them now!

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Impressive Learning⁢ Content

Reviewing the Ultimate Learning Bundle: Happy Lambs and Grey Wolf 3D Hanging Charts插图1

When ⁤we stumbled upon ⁢this set of learning ⁤books, we were truly impressed by ⁢the variety and depth of the content it offers. Covering everything from Chinese Pinyin to basic‌ character recognition, ABC‍ learning,​ colors and shapes recognition, telling time, multiplication tables, mental math for addition and subtraction, learning numbers 1-20, and counting up ⁤to 100, this bundle of 9 books is a ⁢treasure trove of knowledge for young learners.

Each book is beautifully illustrated and ⁣engaging,⁣ making‌ learning fun and interactive. ‌The inclusion of table charts ​for the ⁤times tables and mental ‌math adds a practical element to the⁤ learning ‌experience, allowing children to practice and test their knowledge. Whether your child ​is a beginner or looking to ‌expand their ⁢knowledge, this set is a ‌fantastic resource to support their learning journey. We highly⁤ recommend checking it out here!

Interactive and ⁣Engaging ‌Design

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The of ⁤this set of‍ educational books makes learning Mandarin Chinese ⁣fun and ⁢exciting for young‌ learners. The combination⁣ of Hanzi Pinyin, basic character recognition, ABCs, colors and​ shapes, ⁢time telling,⁣ multiplication tables, and basic math calculations‌ ensures that ⁣children‍ are constantly challenged and ⁢engaged in their ​studies. The nine books in this set cover a ⁣wide range of topics,⁢ allowing children to⁣ explore and learn ⁣at their own pace.

With vibrant illustrations and interactive exercises, these ⁣books not only ​help⁤ children learn‍ Mandarin Chinese but also develop ​their cognitive and reasoning skills. The variety of​ activities, ⁢from recognizing colors and shapes to practicing multiplication tables and addition and subtraction, keeps children actively engaged and excited to learn more. The structured layout of the books allows for easy navigation ​and comprehension, making it ⁣a valuable resource​ for both parents and educators looking to support children’s language and math development. Take the first step towards bilingual proficiency and ‍mathematical prowess by getting your hands on this set of educational books today!

Comprehensive Set for Early Education

Reviewing the Ultimate Learning Bundle: Happy Lambs and Grey Wolf 3D Hanging Charts插图3

We ⁣recently purchased this ​ and we couldn’t be happier with it. The 立体挂图 (3D Wall Chart) is not only ‍visually⁤ appealing but also packed with useful​ educational⁣ content. From 汉语拼音 (Pinyin) ⁣to 学数1-20 (Learning Numbers 1-20),⁢ this ⁤set covers‍ a wide range of topics‌ that are⁤ essential for⁣ early⁤ childhood education.

  • Engaging ⁣3D visual aids
  • Covers a variety of​ educational topics
  • Interactive learning ‌experience

Age Range: 3-6 years
Language: Simplified Chinese

If you’re⁢ looking for⁣ a fun and effective way to introduce your child to 基础识字 (Basic Literacy) and 九九乘法表 (Multiplication​ Tables), this set is a must-have. We ‍highly recommend‌ it ​for ​parents ‍and educators who are ⁤seeking high-quality educational resources for young learners.

Don’t miss out ​on⁣ this fantastic that will help your child develop essential skills in a fun and ‍engaging‌ way. ‌Click here to get your ‍hands on this educational⁤ gem!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After‌ gathering and analyzing various customer reviews,⁢ we have compiled a summary of the opinions⁣ and experiences shared by those ‍who have used the “喜羊羊与灰太狼 立体挂图” learning ⁣bundle. Here are some key points that were mentioned:

Table of Customer Reviews

Review Rating
The 3D⁢ hanging charts are ⁣visually⁤ appealing ⁢and engaging for kids. 4.5/5
The inclusion of Hanzi pinyin,⁢ basic ⁢literacy, and math tables‌ offers a comprehensive learning ⁤experience. 4/5
Some​ customers found ‍the charts to be a bit cluttered with information, which⁢ may overwhelm younger children. 3.5/5
Overall, the “喜羊羊与灰太狼”⁤ bundle is a valuable ‍educational‌ resource for ‍parents ​and ⁤educators. 4/5

Our Analysis

From the feedback provided, it is evident that the “喜羊羊与灰太狼 立体挂图” ‍learning bundle offers a diverse range of educational content ⁤that ‌caters to ⁢various learning needs. While some customers appreciated the visual appeal⁤ and comprehensive nature of ⁢the charts, others raised ⁤concerns⁤ about potential information overload. Overall, we believe that this bundle is a valuable tool for promoting​ learning ⁣and development in young children.

Have you used‌ the “喜羊羊与灰太狼 立体挂图” learning charts? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments​ below!

Pros ‍& Cons

Pros & Cons


  1. Interactive learning: ⁣The 3D hanging charts cover a wide⁢ range of educational topics, from ‌Chinese pinyin⁢ to basic math skills, making it ⁤a comprehensive learning tool for children.
  2. Engaging visuals:⁤ The colorful ‍and eye-catching illustrations on each chart make studying fun ‍and ‍engaging for kids, encouraging their curiosity and interest ‍in learning.
  3. Interactive features: The charts include ⁢activities‍ such as‌ recognizing colors and shapes, learning time, and practicing ‍multiplication⁢ and addition, helping children ⁤develop⁤ various skills in an interactive way.
  4. Durable material: The charts are made of high-quality materials that are sturdy and⁤ long-lasting, ensuring⁣ that they can withstand daily use and remain in good ‌condition for a long time.


  1. Language limitation: The charts are in Simplified Chinese, which ⁣may be a​ barrier for children who⁤ do not speak⁢ or understand the language, limiting the product’s⁣ audience.
  2. Limited customization: ⁢While the charts⁢ cover a wide range of subjects, there may be a lack‍ of flexibility in terms ⁤of personalizing ‌the content to suit‍ individual learning needs or preferences.
  3. Space​ requirement: The 3D hanging charts may take up a significant amount ‌of wall ⁤space, which could be a concern⁢ for those with limited room for displaying educational materials.


Q: What age group is this⁢ learning bundle suitable for?
A: This 3D hanging chart bundle‌ is⁢ suitable for children of preschool age and early elementary⁣ school years.

Q:⁣ What ⁢topics are ⁢covered in⁢ this bundle?
A: This bundle ‌covers a wide range of topics, including learning Mandarin ⁢Pinyin, basic Chinese characters‍ recognition, ABCs, ⁤colors ​and ​shapes recognition, telling ‌time, ⁣multiplication ‌tables, mental math for addition and subtraction, learning numbers 1-20, and counting up to 100.

Q: ⁣How interactive are these‌ hanging charts?
A: ‌The charts are⁣ designed to be interactive and engaging for children, with colorful illustrations, clear and concise explanations, and interactive elements such as movable pieces or flip cards.

Q: Can these charts be easily‍ hung up in a child’s room or classroom?
A: Yes, these ‍hanging charts come with hooks or⁣ adhesive stickers for easy hanging on ​walls or ⁤doors, ​making them perfect for ⁢a child’s room or a classroom setting.

Q: Are these charts durable and long-lasting?
A: Yes, these charts are made of high-quality materials ⁢that are durable and long-lasting, ensuring ⁢that ⁣they can withstand frequent ⁣use by children.

Q: How can parents or teachers make the most out of these hanging charts?
A: Parents or teachers can use⁤ these​ hanging charts as a visual aid during‌ teaching sessions, as a tool for interactive learning activities,‌ or as a ⁢reference guide for children to use independently.

Q: Are ‍there any additional resources or​ materials that complement these⁢ hanging charts?
A: Yes, ‌there are additional ⁣workbooks, flashcards, or ‍online resources available that complement ‍the ‌topics covered in ⁤these hanging charts,​ providing a comprehensive learning experience for children.

Experience the Difference

In conclusion, the Happy Lambs and Grey Wolf 3D Hanging Charts truly stand out as the ultimate learning bundle for children. With‌ its ⁢comprehensive coverage of Hanzi Pinyin, basic‌ literacy, ABCs, colors, shapes, time, multiplication tables, mental ​math, numbers 1-20, and counting to​ 100, this set of​ 9 books is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be ⁣explored. Whether ​you’re​ a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these ‌hanging⁢ charts ‌are sure to captivate young ‌minds and⁣ make learning fun and engaging. Don’t ⁢miss out on this⁤ fantastic educational‌ resource – ⁢click the link below ‌to get your⁣ hands on the⁢ 喜羊羊与灰太狼 立体挂图套装 today!

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