Revolutionize Your Communication with the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable: Our Honest Review!

Welcome to our product review ‍blog,⁤ where ‌we bring you honest​ and first-hand experiences with various⁢ products. Today,‍ we are excited to introduce you to the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable, 7 ‌Feet Long, 02970 Silver.

Just like you, we ⁢understand the⁢ importance of⁣ clear ⁤communication and reliable connections in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we were ‍intrigued by the ⁤heavy-duty construction of this telephone cable. ‍Made from 28 AWG silver satin wire, this cable boasts superior durability ⁤and performance. The gold-plated​ connectors further enhance the clarity and quality of the communication.

One of the standout features‌ of this‍ cable is its 4-wire construction, which allows it to handle dual phone ⁣lines effortlessly. This means you can connect‍ multiple devices without sacrificing the quality of the connection.

The heavy-duty​ PVC jacket surrounding the cable ensures its integrity and shields it from potential damage caused⁤ by everyday wear and tear. We all ⁤know how ⁣important it is to have a reliable cable that can withstand ‌the test of time, and this product⁤ delivers on that front.

Another impressive‍ aspect of this telephone‌ cable is its length. With⁣ 7 feet of cord, ⁤you’ll have all the ‌distance you need to ​connect your devices ‌to the wall ⁣jack without any limitations. Whether you’re‍ connecting a wall ‍phone cord, modem, or fax ​machine, this cable has got you covered.

Legrand, the brand behind this‌ product, is well-known⁤ for its commitment to providing versatile and high-quality cables for ⁢all your technology needs. ​This RJ11 ⁤Landline Phone Cable is just one example ‌of their dedication to meeting⁢ the demands of modern communication.

In ‍conclusion, our first-hand experience with the‌ C2G RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable, 7 Feet⁤ Long, 02970 Silver ‌has ​been‍ nothing short of impressive. From its ⁢heavy-duty construction to the gold-plated connectors,‍ this cable delivers on its promise of clear communication and reliable connections. Whether you’re using it for personal or professional purposes, we believe this telephone cable is a‌ worthy investment.

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In our review of the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable, we found that this 7-foot long silver cable‍ is constructed from heavy-duty 28 AWG silver satin⁢ wire. This not only ensures durability but also⁢ provides clearer communication⁤ due to the⁢ gold-plated connectors. The 4-wire construction of this cable allows for the handling‍ of dual phone lines, making it a versatile option for various applications.

The heavy-duty ‍PVC jacket on ‌this cable plays a crucial role in protecting its integrity, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable connection. Whether you need to connect your⁣ wall‍ phone cord, modem, or fax machine to the wall jack,‌ this telephone cable gets the job done effortlessly. With RJ-11 male connectors on each end, this ⁣straight modular cable ⁤offers‍ ease of use and compatibility with different devices.

If you’re in need of a ⁢longer phone cord for your landline, this 7-foot cable ‌provides plenty of distance to suit your needs. Legrand, the brand behind this cable, has your ⁢technology needs covered with a variety of cords, including this RJ11 landline phone cable. So why settle⁢ for unreliable connections or ⁣limited reach when you can invest in a high-quality⁣ and versatile‌ cable like this one? Upgrade your telephone setup today and enjoy a seamless ⁤communication experience⁣ by purchasing the ‍C2G‌ RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable from our trusted ​partner.

Features and Specifications

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In terms of , the C2G RJ11 Modular‌ Cable Telephone Cable ⁢offers a ‍range of benefits for all your communication needs. The cable is constructed from heavy-duty ⁢28 AWG silver satin wire, ensuring durability​ and reliable performance.‌ The gold-plated connectors enhance the clarity of communication, providing a superior connection.

With its‍ 4-wire construction, this cable is capable of ⁣handling ⁤dual phone lines, making it versatile for various setups. ‍The heavy-duty PVC jacket ensures the integrity of ⁢the cable, protecting it from⁣ wear and tear. ⁣

Measuring a generous 7 ⁢feet in⁢ length, this ​long phone cord provides ample distance for convenient ⁤placement in your⁢ home or office. Whether‍ you need to connect your wall phone cord, modem, or fax machine, this straight modular cable with RJ-11 male connectors on each end offers the versatility you require.‌

If you’re looking for a ⁣landline phone cord or a cable phone‌ cord, look no further than Legrand. With their expertise in technology, they have you covered with a variety of cords⁢ to suit your specific needs. Enhance your communication setup with ‍the reliability of the RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable. Check it out on Amazon and experience the difference today!

Insights and Recommendations

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When⁤ it comes to telephone cables, the ​C2G RJ11 Modular Cable⁤ Telephone Cable‍ definitely stands out. Constructed with heavy duty 28 AWG silver satin⁢ wire, this⁤ cable ensures clearer communication⁣ with its gold-plated connectors. ⁣We ⁢found that the ⁤4-wire construction of this cable is incredibly⁤ useful⁣ for handling dual phone lines, making it ⁣a versatile option for ‌homes or offices.

One of the key ⁣features⁣ of this telephone cable is its 7-foot length, providing⁢ plenty of distance to connect your ⁣wall phone cord, modem, or fax machine⁤ to the wall jack. The heavy‍ duty PVC jacket adds an ⁢extra layer⁣ of protection, ensuring the cable’s integrity over ⁢time.‍ Whether you need a landline⁢ phone⁣ cord or a cable phone cord, ​the C2G RJ11⁣ Modular Cable Telephone Cable has got you covered.

In‌ our experience, this telephone cable from C2G performed exceptionally well. The gold-plated connectors truly enhanced the clarity of communication, making conversations ​on the phone more⁤ pleasant and reliable. The length of the‌ cable was ​also⁣ perfect for our needs, allowing us to easily connect‍ our⁢ devices without any ⁣hassle. We were impressed ​with the sturdy construction and quality materials used in⁤ this cable, providing us with confidence in its durability. Overall, if you’re ⁤in need of ⁤a‌ reliable and high-quality⁢ telephone cable,⁤ we highly recommend the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable. Don’t miss out ⁣on ‌the opportunity to enhance your communication experience -​ get yours today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

As ‍a technology ⁤blog, we understand the importance‌ of reliable communication tools, which is why we decided to test and⁤ review the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable. We scoured through customer reviews to gather valuable insights into the experiences ‌of users who have⁣ already tried this⁣ product. Here’s what we found:

Review Rating Comments
Straightforward cord serves its purpose. Never had any issues and still works very well. Recommend for​ sure! 5/5 No further ‍comments provided.
This cord was‍ exactly what I needed! 5/5 No further comments provided.
Easy‍ install, just needed longer cord for​ phone 5/5 No ‌further comments provided.
Just‍ what we needed to complete our job. 5/5 No further comments provided.
I got this for ⁤someone who uses a credit‌ card machine at their business. It’s an old machine that connects​ through the phone line. They were having trouble with it connecting⁤ and when I looked at the telephone wire they were using it only had 2 metal‍ contacts ‍at each ‌end. I ‌haven’t looked at a phone cable in ages so I didn’t know‌ if that was normal. So I ordered this figuring​ we can return it if it ‌doesn’t fix the⁤ issue and⁤ it has been working fine for a few ⁣months now. ‌The credit card machine doesn’t ⁣show connection errors like it did previously. 5/5 No further comments provided.
Great product with a great price.⁣ You can’t go wrong with this item. 5/5 No further comments provided.
Said I should buy this item, didn’t need ⁢it. 3/5 No further comments provided.
My old cable fell apart that was⁢ plugged into ⁣my ‌router. Ordered this & got‍ it quickly. It has a nice​ low profile &⁤ is ​lightweight. Works great. 4/5 No further‌ comments provided.

Based on our ⁢analysis of these customer reviews, we ⁢can conclude that the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable generally receives positive feedback. The majority of users ‌found it to be reliable and perform its intended function without any issues.

One customer ⁤specifically mentioned using this cable⁢ for an old credit card machine that connects⁣ through the phone line, ⁤and they experienced​ a significant‍ improvement ​in‍ connection ⁢stability since ‍using ‌the C2G RJ11 ‍Modular Cable.

Additionally, ‌customers​ appreciated the affordability of this product, emphasizing its great value for the price.

While the majority​ of ‍users had positive experiences, it’s ⁢worth noting that one customer mentioned not needing the product despite​ being recommended to buy it. Another customer gave it ‍a slightly lower rating ‍but did not provide any further‌ comments ⁤to explain their rating.

In conclusion, if you’re in need ⁣of a reliable⁣ and affordable RJ11 modular cable for your communication​ needs, the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable Telephone Cable could be‍ a suitable choice for‌ you. Its ​positive customer reviews, combined with ​its functionality, make it an attractive option to consider.

Pros & Cons


  1. The heavy duty ⁣28 AWG silver satin wire construction ensures durability and longevity.
  2. Gold-plated connectors enable ‍clearer communication.
  3. 4-wire ‌construction allows for handling dual phone lines.
  4. The heavy​ duty ⁤PVC jacket ‌protects the⁢ cable’s integrity.
  5. The 7-foot length provides ample distance to connect devices.
  6. Straight modular cable with RJ-11 male connectors‌ on each end offers versatility.
  7. The cable is compatible⁢ with wall phones, modems, and fax machines.
  8. Legrand offers a variety of ⁤cords and covers all your technology needs.


  1. Some users ‌may find the‌ silver satin wire look outdated.
  2. Only available in a 7-foot length, which may be too long ⁤or short for some setups.
  3. Does not come with any⁤ additional features or accessories.
  4. May be slightly more expensive compared to other RJ11 modular cables ⁢on the⁤ market.
  5. The heavy duty PVC jacket adds bulkiness to the cable.
  6. Compatibility limited to RJ-11 connections, may not work with newer telephone technologies.

Pros Cons
Heavy duty 28 AWG silver satin wire Outdated appearance
Gold-plated​ connectors 7-foot length may ⁣not ‍be⁤ suitable for⁢ all setups
4-wire construction for dual phone⁤ lines No additional features or accessories
Heavy duty PVC jacket Relatively higher cost
7-foot length for⁣ ample distance Added bulkiness from the jacket
Offers versatility‌ with ‌RJ-11 ⁢connectors Compatibility limited to RJ-11 connections
Compatible‌ with wall phones, modems, and fax machines
Legrand offers ⁤a variety of cords


Q:‍ What makes the C2G RJ11​ Modular Cable stand out from other telephone cables on⁢ the market?

A: The C2G RJ11 Modular Cable truly ​revolutionizes communication with its exceptional features. One key standout⁤ is the heavy duty 28 AWG silver satin wire construction, which ensures a reliable ​connection and crystal-clear communication. ⁤Additionally, ⁣the gold-plated connectors enhance the sound⁢ quality, reducing any interference or static noise.​ The 4-wire‌ construction ‍allows for the handling of dual phone lines, ⁢making it incredibly versatile for any home ‌or office setup.

Q: How long is the C2G RJ11 ⁤Modular Cable?

A: The C2G RJ11 Modular ⁢Cable measures an impressive 7 feet in length, providing‍ users with‍ plenty of distance to connect their devices to‌ the wall jack. You’ll never have to ​worry about reaching your‍ phone or fax machine with this cable!

Q: Can this cable be used for other ​devices besides telephones?

A:‍ Absolutely! ​The ​C2G ​RJ11 Modular Cable is not⁣ limited to solely connecting wall phones. Thanks to its straight modular cable design and RJ-11 male‌ connectors⁢ on each end, it⁢ can also be used to​ connect ⁣modems or fax‌ machines to ‌the wall ‍jack. The ⁢versatility of‌ this cable makes it a must-have for individuals who require various technology connections in their‍ home or⁢ office.

Q: Is the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable durable?

A: Yes, the C2G RJ11 Modular​ Cable is built to last. ⁤It features ‌a heavy duty PVC jacket that protects the ​cable’s integrity, ensuring that it can withstand everyday use and potential wear and tear. Rest assured that this cable is designed to stand ‌the test of time.

Q: Are there other‌ cable options available from the Legrand brand?

A: Absolutely! Legrand offers a variety ⁣of cords to suit ‍all your technology needs. Whether you’re looking ‌for a landline phone ‍cord or a cable phone cord, Legrand has ⁢you covered. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes them ​a ​reliable choice for all ⁣your cable requirements.

In conclusion, the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable is a game-changer when it comes⁤ to communication. Its superior construction, versatility, and durability make it an excellent choice for‌ connecting your devices to the wall jack. Plus, ‍with Legrand’s wide range⁣ of cable options, you‍ can rely on their products for all your technology needs. Don’t miss out on transforming your​ communication experience – try the⁢ C2G RJ11 Modular⁤ Cable today!

Unleash Your True Potential

In conclusion, the C2G ⁣RJ11 Modular Cable has truly revolutionized our communication experience. Its⁢ heavy-duty construction, ⁤gold-plated connectors, and ⁢4-wire design ensure⁣ crystal-clear​ and​ reliable communication. The 7-foot length ‍gives us plenty of distance to connect our devices to the wall jack without any limitations.

Whether you need to⁤ connect ‍your ⁤wall phone cord, modem, or fax‌ machine, this versatile ⁣cable has got you covered. The ‌straight modular design with RJ-11 male connectors on‍ each end makes it compatible with‍ a variety of devices.⁢ Plus, the heavy-duty PVC jacket⁢ protects the⁣ cable ⁣from any damage, ⁢ensuring its long-lasting durability.

Legrand truly understands our technology needs, offering a ⁢range of⁢ cords to⁢ suit our requirements. And ‍the C2G RJ11 Modular Cable ⁣is no exception. It gives us the peace ⁢of mind and reliability we need in our daily ‍communication.

If you’re ⁢ready to revolutionize your communication setup, click ‍here to get your very own C2G RJ11 Modular Cable from Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Click here to grab your C2G RJ11 Modular Cable now!

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