We Tried It: GOBLES Women’s Bodycon Mini Party Dress Review

Hey there, ⁢fashionistas! Today, we’re excited to share our thoughts on the GOBLES Women’s Sexy‌ Long Sleeve V Neck Ruched Bodycon Mini Party Cocktail Dress. As self-proclaimed dress aficionados, we‌ couldn’t ‍wait to try ⁤out this eye-catching piece that promises to​ turn heads at ‌any event. With its alluring V-neck, figure-hugging bodycon silhouette, and⁤ elegant ⁤ruched‌ detailing, this dress combines sexy and sophisticated perfectly. ⁤Join us as we dive into the details ⁢of this dress‍ and see if it ⁣lives up⁢ to the ‌hype!

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After trying out this⁣ stunning dress, we are truly impressed by its quality and style. The flattering V-neck design combined with the ruched⁣ detailing creates a glamorous silhouette that is perfect for any party or cocktail event. The long sleeves add a touch of ‌sophistication while the bodycon⁣ fit‍ accentuates our curves in all the right places. The attention‌ to detail in the stitching and overall ⁢construction of⁤ the ​dress is evident, making it a must-have piece in our ​wardrobe.

Measuring at 3.94 ⁣x​ 3.15 x 0.59 ⁣inches ‌and weighing ​only 5.29 ounces, this dress is lightweight and easy to wear all night long. Its timeless black color ​and sizing options ensure a perfect fit for anyone. We highly recommend adding this chic and versatile dress to your collection for an effortlessly stylish look at your next ⁤special occasion.

Item model number GO163-black-S
Department womens
Date First Available December 12, 2019

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Luxurious Design and Flattering Fit

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When it comes to , this dress truly delivers. The⁤ V-neckline accentuates the collarbone ‍and elongates the neck, while the ‌ruched ⁤detailing on the bodycon silhouette creates a ⁣stunning hourglass shape. The long sleeves add ⁢a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for a cocktail party or special event. Plus, the stretchy fabric allows for a comfortable ⁤yet form-fitting look ‌that is sure to turn heads.

With dimensions of 3.94 x 3.15 x 0.59 inches and a weight of ‍5.29 ounces, this dress is lightweight and easy to wear. The item model​ number GO163 and its availability since December 12, 2019, speak to its popularity and timeless style. Whether you choose the black, ‌white, red, or navy ‍option, you’re sure to feel confident and elegant in this dress. Don’t ‌miss ‍out on the opportunity ⁣to add this stunning piece to your wardrobe. Check it out here!

Soft and Stretchy Fabric for Comfort

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When it comes to comfort, this dress hits all the marks. The fabric is incredibly soft to the ⁢touch, making it a pleasure to wear for long ⁣periods of time. Not only that, but the material is also stretchy, providing a form-fitting ‌look without⁤ feeling constricting. No need to sacrifice ⁢comfort for style with this dress!

The​ V-neck design and ruched detailing add a touch of elegance to this bodycon mini dress. ⁣The long sleeves provide a bit of coverage⁤ while ⁣still maintaining⁤ a sexy and sophisticated vibe. Whether you’re heading to a ‌party ⁤or a cocktail event, this dress is⁣ sure⁤ to‍ turn heads. Don’t miss out on‍ the chance to ⁤add this versatile and comfortable piece ⁣to⁢ your wardrobe – check it out on Amazon now! Shop now!

Perfect Choice for Special Occasions

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When it comes to ‌special occasions, we all want to look our ‌best and feel confident. That’s why we absolutely love this dress! With its sexy‌ V-neck, ruched detailing, and bodycon fit, it is perfect for making a⁣ statement at any party or cocktail event. The fabric is high ​quality and feels luxurious against the skin, ensuring you’ll be comfortable ​all night long.

The dress is‌ the⁣ ideal choice for‌ those who want to effortlessly​ stand out and turn heads. Its sleek design and flattering silhouette make it a must-have in any fashion-forward⁣ woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re attending a wedding, birthday party, or a night out with friends, this dress will make you feel like a million bucks.‌ Trust us, you won’t regret adding this stunning piece to​ your ⁢collection! ⁢So‌ why wait? Make a statement at ⁣your next special occasion by clicking here to purchase this ‌dress now! Check it out on Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ​Analysis

After trying out the GOBLES Women’s Sexy Long Sleeve V Neck Ruched Bodycon Mini Party Cocktail Dress, we were ⁣amazed by the positive reviews from customers. Let’s take a closer look at what they had ⁢to say:

Customer Feedback
Customer 1 “When I say this dress is THE ⁤dress, I ‌mean it. Quality is astounding and incredibly comfortable. It’s ⁢stretchy and‍ hugs ⁢all the right places and fit PERFECTLY.”
Customer ‍2 “Love this dress, ⁢good fit,⁢ made well, comfortable, ⁢it was easy​ to steam the wrinkles out of.”
Customer 3 “The ​ruching was flattering, I didn’t use any kind of ⁢shapewear underneath, I ⁢wore it for a cruise and ​didn’t pack ‌any.”
Customer 4 “Very cute dress, hugs where it’s supposed to, very flattering. Material is decently thick and the ‍sleeves weren’t too tight on me either.”

Overall, ​customers were pleased with the fit, quality, and comfort of the dress. Some mentioned issues ⁤with the length, smell of the fabric, or fit in the bust area, but these were generally ‍minor complaints ​compared to the‍ positive feedback on the dress’s overall look and feel.⁤ If you’re ⁤looking for ​a ⁢versatile and stylish ⁣mini party cocktail dress, the GOBLES Women’s Bodycon Mini⁢ Party Dress may be the ⁣perfect choice for you.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
✓ Flattering bodycon fit ✗ Limited color options
✓ Sexy V-neck​ design ✗ Some may find it too revealing
✓‍ Ruched detail‍ for ‍added style ✗ Material may be thin​ for some
✓ Perfect for cocktail parties
✓ Lightweight and comfortable


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Q: How is the sizing of the GOBLES Women’s Bodycon‌ Mini Party Dress?

A: The sizing of this ⁤dress runs ‌true ⁤to size. We ordered ​our usual ⁢size and found that it fit⁢ perfectly and hugged⁣ our curves in all the right ​places.

Q: Is the material ⁣of ⁢the dress comfortable to wear for long periods of time?

A: The material of the dress is surprisingly comfortable! It has just the right amount of stretch to allow for easy movement⁢ and the ruched detailing adds⁤ a flattering touch.

Q: Can this dress be dressed ‍up or‌ down for different occasions?

A: Yes, absolutely! We wore this dress to a cocktail party and received so many compliments. It can easily be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry, or dressed down with a denim jacket and sneakers for a more casual look.

Q: How⁤ is the quality of the dress for‍ the price point?

A: We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of this dress, especially considering the affordable price point. The stitching is well done and the fabric feels luxurious.

Q: ​Does the dress ‌wash well?

A: We followed the ​washing instructions on the label and the dress came out looking as⁢ good as ⁢new. We recommend washing ⁢it on a​ gentle cycle and laying it flat to⁣ dry to preserve its shape.

Q: Would you recommend this dress to ⁢a friend?

A: Absolutely! We⁣ loved everything about ​this dress – from the fit to⁣ the quality to the style. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn for a variety of⁤ occasions.

Unlock Your Potential

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Overall, we were pleasantly surprised⁢ by the quality and fit of the GOBLES Women’s Bodycon Mini Party Dress. It’s the⁣ perfect combination of sexy and‌ stylish, making‌ it a ⁤great choice for any ​upcoming social ‍events or nights out on ‍the town.⁤ The ruched detailing ⁢and V-neck design add a touch⁤ of sophistication to this otherwise fun and flirty dress. If⁤ you’re ‍looking⁣ to turn heads and make a ​statement, this dress is ‌definitely worth checking out!

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