Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket

Welcome ⁢to our product review ​blog, where we share ‌our first-hand experiences with various products‌ to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Today, we’ll ⁢be talking about the‌ HOOD CREW Men’s Casual Stand Collar PU Faux Leather ‍Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber Jacket With a Removable Hood. We’ve had the opportunity to test out this jacket and we’re excited to share our thoughts with you.

But before we dive into the details, let’s touch on some ‍important information about the jacket’s sizing. It is listed as⁣ a standard US ‌size, but it’s⁢ always ⁣helpful ‍to​ check their size chart for reference. ⁤Keep in mind that there may be slight measurement differences due to manual measurement, so it’s a good idea‍ to allow for a 1-3cm (0.4-0.8″) variance. Additionally, ‍please note ⁢that the color of the product may appear slightly different​ compared to the⁢ pictures due to​ lighting and monitor variations.

Now, let’s move on to the⁣ specifications of the jacket. It is available in various sizes, ranging from S to ​4XL, ⁢ensuring there’s a size that‍ fits everyone comfortably. The size S ⁤has a chest measurement of‍ 42.5″ (108 CM), ​shoulder width ​of 18.9″ ⁣(48 CM), length of 26.0″⁤ (66 CM), and sleeve length of ⁢26.0″ (66 CM). As for⁢ the⁣ largest size, the⁢ 4XL, it has a chest measurement of 59.1″⁤ (150 CM), shoulder width of 24.8″ ⁢(63 CM), length‌ of 29.5″ (75 CM), and sleeve length of 28.7″ (73 CM).⁣ It’s crucial to keep these measurements in mind when selecting the right size for yourself.

The package dimensions measure at 16.77 x 13.3 x 4.92 inches and weighs‌ approximately 2.51 pounds. The item model number is 2907-CA-Black-S, making it easy to identify the exact jacket you desire. This product is specifically designed for men, falling ‍under the department ‍of menswear. It ⁢has been available for purchase‍ since August 18, 2019, with the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) being B07WQQD1CL.

Now that ​we have⁢ covered the technical aspects, we can’t wait‌ to delve into our personal experience with the HOOD CREW Men’s Casual‌ Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber Jacket ⁤With a​ Removable Hood. Stay tuned as ⁣we share our thoughts and insights in the upcoming‌ sections of this review.

Table‍ of Contents


Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket插图

The HOOD CREW Men’s Casual Stand Collar‍ PU Faux Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber Jacket is a ‍stylish and versatile piece that every man should have in ‍his wardrobe. Made with high-quality materials,⁣ this jacket ⁤offers⁢ both comfort and durability. It features a ‍removable hood, allowing​ you to customize your look depending on the occasion. Whether you’re going for a casual or edgy ‌vibe, this jacket⁣ has got ‍you covered.

When it comes to​ sizing, it’s important to note that the jacket follows standard US sizing. However, we ⁣recommend referring to the size information provided for a more⁢ accurate fit. ‍Keep in mind that⁢ there may be slight variations in measurements due to manual measurements and differences in lighting and monitor settings. Nonetheless, the jacket is available in⁣ a range ⁤of sizes from S to 4XL, ensuring that there’s an option ⁣for every body type.

Size Chest Shoulder Length Sleeve
S 42.5″ (108 CM) 18.9″ (48 CM) 26.0″ (66‍ CM) 26.0″ (66 CM)
M 45.7″ (116 CM) 19.9″ (50.5 CM) 26.8″ (68 CM) 26.4″ (67 CM)
L 48.8″ (124 CM) 20.9″ (53 CM) 27.2″ (69 CM) 26.8″ (68 CM)
XL 52.0″ (132 CM) 21.9″ (55.5 CM) 28.0″ (71 CM) 27.6″ (70‍ CM)
XXL 55.1″ (140 CM) 22.8″ (58 CM) 28.7″ (73 CM) 28.0″ (71 CM)
3XL 57.1″ (145 CM) 23.8″ (60.5 ​CM) 29.1″ (74 CM) 28.3″ (72 CM)
4XL 59.1″⁢ (150 CM) 24.8″ (63 CM) 29.5″ (75 CM) 28.7″ ‍(73 CM)

If you’re looking for a jacket that offers a unique ​blend of ⁢style and‌ functionality, the HOOD CREW ​Men’s Casual Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber Jacket ​is the perfect‌ choice. Don’t ​miss out on this versatile piece‌ of outerwear. Click here to get it ⁢now!


Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket插图1

Our HOOD CREW Men’s Casual Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Zip-Up⁣ Motorcycle Bomber Jacket With a Removable Hood has ⁤some standout features that make it truly remarkable. Here⁣ are⁤ some of the :

  1. High-quality Material: Crafted from premium PU faux leather, this jacket is not only stylish but​ also durable. The material feels soft and supple,​ providing comfort and ease of movement.

  2. Versatile Design: This jacket is designed to be versatile, ⁢suitable ⁢for various ⁤occasions. Whether you’re going for a casual look or dressing ⁣up‍ for ‌a night out, this jacket adds a trendy and fashionable​ touch to any outfit.

  3. Removable Hood: The jacket ⁤comes with a removable hood, allowing you to customize your look ​based on the weather‌ or your personal preference. Wear it​ with ‍the hood for‍ a⁣ laid-back ⁤style or remove‌ it for a sleek and sophisticated look.

  4. Multiple Size Options: ‍ We offer a wide ⁢range of size options ​to ensure the perfect fit for everyone. Please ⁣refer to our size ⁤chart for accurate‍ measurements and choose the size that best suits ⁤you. Remember, slight‌ variations may occur due to manual measurements.

  5. Attention to Detail: The ​jacket⁣ is meticulously designed​ with attention to every little detail. From the stand collar to the ⁢zip-up closure, every​ element ​adds to the overall​ aesthetic appeal of the jacket.

Overall, our HOOD CREW Men’s Casual Stand Collar⁢ PU Faux Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber Jacket With a Removable ‌Hood is ⁤a must-have addition to your wardrobe. It combines style, comfort, and versatility, making it the perfect choice for any fashion-forward individual. ‍To⁤ get your hands on this exceptional jacket, click here to purchase‌ it on

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket插图2

When it comes to sizing, it’s important to note that the HOOD CREW Men’s ⁢Casual Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber Jacket runs true to standard US sizing. However, we recommend referring⁤ to the size chart ⁣provided as⁢ a reference to ensure the perfect fit. Keep in mind ‍that there ‌may ​be a slight 1-3cm (0.4-0.8″) difference due to manual measurement.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the color of the jacket may appear slightly different in person compared to what‍ is shown in the product images. This ⁢is due to⁤ the influence of light during shooting and the variation in monitors. Rest assured, it’s a minor difference that won’t affect the overall style and appeal of the jacket.

Now let’s dive into the specific measurements for ‍each size option. Here’s a breakdown of the chest circumference, shoulder⁣ width,‍ length, and⁢ sleeve length for your convenience:

Size S:

  • Chest: 42.5″ (108 CM)
  • Shoulder:‌ 18.9″ (48 CM)
  • Length: 26.0″⁣ (66 CM)
  • Sleeve: 26.0″ (66 CM)

Size M:

  • Chest: 45.7″ (116 CM)
  • Shoulder: 19.9″ (50.5 CM)
  • Length: 26.8″ ⁤(68 CM)
  • Sleeve: 26.4″ (67 CM)

Size L:

  • Chest: 48.8″ (124 CM)
  • Shoulder: 20.9″ (53 CM)
  • Length: 27.2″ (69 CM)
  • Sleeve: 26.8″ (68 CM)

Size XL:

  • Chest: 52.0″ (132​ CM)
  • Shoulder: 21.9″ (55.5 CM)
  • Length: 28.0″ (71 CM)
  • Sleeve: 27.6″ (70 CM)

Size XXL:

  • Chest: 55.1″ (140 CM)
  • Shoulder: 22.8″ (58 CM)
  • Length: 28.7″ (73 CM)
  • Sleeve: 28.0″ (71 CM)

Size 3XL:

  • Chest: 57.1″ (145​ CM)
  • Shoulder: 23.8″ ​(60.5 CM)
  • Length: 29.1″ (74 CM)
  • Sleeve: 28.3″ (72⁢ CM)

Size 4XL:

  • Chest:⁢ 59.1″ (150 CM)
  • Shoulder: 24.8″ (63 CM)
  • Length: 29.5″ (75 CM)
  • Sleeve: ​28.7″ (73 CM)

In terms of packaging, the HOOD CREW Men’s Casual Stand Collar PU Faux‍ Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle Bomber‍ Jacket comes in a compact and convenient package, measuring approximately 16.77 x 13.3 ⁢x 4.92 inches. The‌ jacket itself weighs⁢ around 2.51 pounds, making ​it lightweight and comfortable to wear.

With its sleek design, removable hood, and durable faux leather material, this jacket is a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. Don’t miss out on​ the chance‍ to add a touch of style ⁣to your wardrobe. ⁢Grab your own HOOD CREW Men’s ​Casual Stand Collar PU ⁣Faux Leather Zip-Up Motorcycle ⁢Bomber Jacket by clicking the following link:​ Call to Action.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket插图3

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer​ reviews for the HOOD CREW‌ Men’s Stand Collar‍ PU Faux Leather Jacket, ​we have compiled the following insights:

Nicely made and fits well

One customer mentioned ⁣that‌ the jacket is‍ nicely made with smooth material. They bought the jacket ⁣for their​ son who is 6ft⁣ 3 inches and approximately 165 lbs, and it ⁢fits him great. The customer⁢ also stated that the jacket is well worth the cost and their​ son loves​ the style and attached hood.

Good quality and comfortable

Another customer‍ expressed​ their satisfaction with the jacket’s quality. They ‌mentioned that buying clothing online makes them ‌nervous, but this jacket worked out great. The ‍customer stated that the ⁣jacket looks exactly as⁤ pictured, lightweight, comfortable, and built well enough to hold itself ⁢together. They emphasized that not‌ all manufacturers can boast about the jacket’s durability.

Sizing issues

A customer shared ⁣their experience with sizing. They⁢ initially purchased a medium size but⁢ found it to be too big. They exchanged it⁢ for⁤ a small, ‍but⁤ even the small size barely fits. The customer mentioned that the jacket is way tight around their shoulders, making reaching or putting the hood over their ‌head difficult.⁢ They advised caution for⁣ short individuals with big shoulders.

Decently water-resistant​ and⁤ suitable for ⁣cool⁣ nights

One⁤ reviewer highlighted that the jacket is made of cheap​ faux leather but is still well-made. They recommended‍ sizing up by 1-2 sizes as the jacket runs small. The ‌reviewer mentioned that it is lightly insulated, ⁢have decent water resistance, and is suitable for cool nights or ⁢fall weather.

Tearing issue but overall satisfactory

Another⁢ customer reported that they have been wearing the jacket every day ‍for over‌ a month. However, they noticed that the top layer‌ of red is‍ starting to tear off⁢ in some spots. Despite this issue, the customer mentioned that⁢ the jacket keeps them warm and is very comfortable. They also⁢ appreciated the inside pocket and the detachable ‍hoodie.

High-quality appearance

A ‌satisfied customer commented that the jacket looks like it is worth more than ⁤what they ⁤paid for. They described it as heavy but functional, making it​ great for cold weather. The customer also ⁢praised the ⁤softness of the leather-like material and ​its trendy fashion-forward design.

Affordable, stylish jacket with some limitations

Another reviewer, who rated the product 3 stars, acknowledged ‍that the jacket provides ‍a great look ‌and style ‌at an affordable price point. However, they cautioned against considering it as ‍a primary coat for functional purposes. The reviewer mentioned​ that the stitching quality is⁢ not the best and advised against putting ⁢pressure ⁢on the⁤ seams by using the ⁤pockets. They​ recommended the jacket for⁢ casual outings⁢ and mentioned that it is not suitable for ⁤secure storage of items. The ⁢color of the jacket was ⁣also mentioned, with the reviewer⁣ stating that it appears more like a desaturated brown mixed with dark gray rather than‌ pure black as shown⁣ in the ⁢pictures.

Not suitable for temperatures below 60 degrees

A customer mentioned that‌ they purchased the ‌jacket for cool weather riding, and it ‌looks great. However, they advised that the jacket is not suitable for temperatures below 60 degrees unless‍ layered with additional ⁤clothing⁣ underneath.‍ Additionally, the customer expressed the desire for zippered pockets.

Overall, the customer reviews⁢ reveal ‍a mixture of ⁤positive and ⁤negative experiences with the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket. While‍ many⁣ customers praised ​the ‌jacket’s appearance, ⁢style, and comfort, there were some concerns regarding sizing, durability, and color ⁢accuracy. It is important for potential buyers to consider⁤ these factors before making⁣ a purchase.

Pros & Cons

Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket插图4


1. Bold and Stylish Design: The HOOD CREW Men’s ⁤Stand ⁤Collar PU ⁣Faux Leather Jacket features a sleek and trendy design that adds an edgy and modern⁣ touch to any ‌outfit. The stand collar and⁤ zip-up​ front gives it a cool and ‌confident look.
2. Versatile⁢ and Functional: This jacket is not only fashionable but also versatile. The addition of ​a removable hood allows you to switch up ​your‍ style and adapt to different weather conditions. It ⁣can be worn as a casual ‌jacket or a motorcycle​ bomber jacket, making it suitable for various occasions.
3. High-Quality Material: The jacket is made of PU faux ​leather, ⁢which provides the look and feel of real leather while being more ⁣affordable and environmentally friendly. The material is durable and resistant to ⁤wear and ⁤tear, ensuring ⁣longevity.
4. Comfortable ​Fit: The jacket is ⁣designed with attention ⁢to ⁤detail to provide a comfortable and flattering fit for most‍ body types. It is available ⁢in a range of sizes to accommodate⁤ different measurements.
5. Convenient Pockets: With multiple pockets, including two front pockets and one interior pocket, this jacket offers ample storage space ‍for essentials such as⁣ keys, ‍wallet, and phone.


1.​ Sizing Discrepancies: Some customers have reported that the sizing of the jacket may ​run slightly smaller or larger than expected. It is recommended to refer to the provided size⁢ chart and read customer reviews to ensure the right fit.
2. Color⁢ Variation: Due to the influence of light during shooting and the difference in monitors, there might be a slight color difference between the item’s picture and the actual jacket received. It is advisable to take this into consideration while making a purchase.


Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket插图5
Q: Is this jacket true to size or should I size up?

A: This HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather⁣ Jacket is designed as per standard⁢ US sizing. However, we recommend‌ referring to the⁤ size‍ chart provided in the product description for accurate measurements.⁣ Keep in mind that there may be a 1-3cm (0.4-0.8″) difference due to manual measurement. ⁤It’s always best to​ take your own​ measurements and compare them to the size chart to⁢ ensure the perfect fit.

Q: ⁤Can you wear this‌ jacket in different ⁤weather conditions?

A: The HOOD ⁣CREW⁢ Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket is ⁤suitable for cooler weather or as⁢ a layering piece. It provides ⁣warmth and protection from light winds. However, it may not be suitable for extreme cold temperatures or heavy rain. If you plan to ‍wear it in harsh‍ weather conditions, we recommend layering it​ with appropriate⁢ clothing and accessories for added comfort and protection.

Q: Does the ⁣removable hood affect the overall style of the jacket?

A: The removable hood of this jacket⁤ adds​ a stylish and versatile ⁣element⁤ to the overall⁢ design. It allows‍ you to switch between a more ​casual ‍look with the hood attached or a classic bomber jacket style without⁤ the‌ hood. Whether ​you prefer a hooded or non-hooded look, this jacket offers the flexibility to suit your personal style.

Q: How does⁤ the faux leather material of this⁣ jacket feel?

A: The ⁤PU faux leather used‍ in the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar Jacket ⁢is of high ‍quality and has a‍ soft and smooth texture. It provides a comfortable ‍and luxurious feel, similar to genuine leather. The faux leather⁢ material is also⁢ durable and easy to maintain, ‌making it a practical choice for long-term use.

Q:‍ Is the color of the jacket‍ exactly as shown in the pictures?

A: Due to the‍ influence of light during shooting and the difference in monitors, there may be a certain ​color difference between the color⁣ of the picture and‍ the actual object. However, we strive to provide accurate representations of the ‌product in our pictures. The color description mentioned in the ⁣product listing should give you a good idea of the color tone of the jacket.

Q: Can this jacket ⁤be machine washed‌ or is it dry clean only?

A: It is recommended to follow the⁣ care instructions‌ provided by the manufacturer. In most⁤ cases, PU faux leather jackets like this one should be spot cleaned or hand washed using a mild detergent. Machine washing or dry‌ cleaning⁢ may damage the fabric⁤ and affect the overall quality and appearance of the jacket. Always refer to the care label and instructions to⁤ ensure proper⁤ care and maintenance.

Q: ⁣Does this jacket have any internal or external pockets?

A: Yes, the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket features multiple pockets for convenience and functionality. It includes both external ⁢and internal pockets, allowing you to​ securely store small items such as your phone, wallet, or keys. ⁤These pockets are designed to seamlessly blend ‍in with the overall style of⁢ the​ jacket, providing a practical yet stylish detail.

Q: Can I wear this jacket for formal occasions or is it more casual?

A: The HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket is primarily designed for casual wear and adds ‍a touch of bold style to any outfit. ​While it can⁢ be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, it is ⁣not ‍typically considered suitable ‍for formal‍ events. For formal occasions, we recommend choosing ⁢a more tailored option ‍that aligns with the‍ dress code.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

Bold Style and Versatility: Our Review of the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket插图6
As we conclude our review of the HOOD CREW⁢ Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather ⁤Jacket, we can confidently say that this jacket offers bold style and versatility for any fashion-forward man. With its sleek stand collar, zip-up design, and removable hood, it ‍effortlessly combines classic motorcycle jacket elements with modern ⁣trends.

One of the standout⁢ features of this jacket ‌is its high-quality faux leather material. Not only does it resemble genuine leather, but ​it ⁣also provides a cruelty-free alternative. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident, making this jacket a durable⁢ and stylish choice.

When it comes ⁣to sizing, the provided information gives you a clear idea ⁢of⁤ what to expect. However, keep in mind the slight variations that may occur due to manual measurement and the ⁤influence of ⁤light during photography. Additionally, the ‍range of sizes available ensures ​that you⁤ can find the⁣ perfect fit‌ for your body type.

Whether you’re looking ⁣for ‍a jacket that adds an edgy touch to your casual looks ⁢or something⁣ that can be‌ dressed up ⁤for a night out, the HOOD CREW Men’s Stand ‍Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket ticks all the boxes. Its versatile design allows for ⁤endless styling possibilities, making it a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

If you’re ready to⁣ make a bold fashion statement,⁣ don’t miss out ‍on ​this incredible jacket. Click here to check it out on Amazon and elevate your style game: Click Here to Buy Now.

Remember, confidence begins with ⁢the right outfit, and the​ HOOD CREW Men’s Stand Collar PU Faux Leather Jacket is here to help you embrace your bold ‍side. Don’t wait any longer – grab yours today and step out in style!

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