Discover the Exciting World of 2022 Pro Set Draft Football Card Values with Us!

Are you a college football fanatic looking to add some excitement to your card collection? Look no further than the 2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster ⁤Box! This standalone ⁤collegiate product is sure‌ to please fans of ⁤Select ⁣with its focus on the top⁤ rookies‌ in the 2022 NFL Draft class. With multiple base subset tiers, ⁢including Concourse and Field Level ⁤editions, as well as exclusive Gold Lazer ‌Prizms, this blaster box is a ⁤must-have for any serious collector. Join us as we dive into our first-hand⁤ experience with this exciting new product‍ and ⁣discover all ​it has to⁣ offer.

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Exciting news‌ for college football card‌ collectors! The 2022 Panini Select⁣ Draft Picks Football Blaster Box is here, introducing a standalone collegiate product featuring the highly anticipated 2022 NFL Draft class. Embracing the distinct Select style, this set offers a variety of base subset tiers to add to your collection, including Concourse and Field Level editions with multiple Prizm​ parallels like ⁤the eye-catching Tri-color. ⁢What sets this blaster apart are the exclusive Blaster Gold ​Lazer Prizms, adding a touch of uniqueness to your pulls.

30 Football Cards Per Box
6 Packs with 5 Trading Cards Each
Exclusive Gold Lazer⁤ Prizms
Autographs from Top​ Rookies

With 30 trading cards waiting to be revealed in each box, including autographs ​from the top rookies of the 2022 class,⁢ you’re in for ⁣an exhilarating unboxing experience. Don’t miss out⁢ on the excitement of adding these exclusive cards to your ⁣collection. Get your hands on the 2022 ‍Panini Select Draft​ Picks Football Blaster Box today!

Exciting Features and Highlights

When it comes‍ to the 2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster, there are so many to talk about. One of the most thrilling​ aspects of this product‍ is the Blaster Exclusive ⁢Gold Lazer Prizms that collectors can find⁢ inside. These cards truly stand out ​and add‍ a touch⁤ of luxury to any collection. Additionally, the chance to find autographs from the top rookies in the 2022 class adds‍ an element of surprise ​and excitement to each⁢ box.

In terms of variety, this product does ‍not ⁣disappoint. With ⁢multiple Prizm parallels, ‌including Tri-color, collectors have the⁤ opportunity ‌to find cards that are ‌truly⁢ unique ⁣and visually ​stunning. The ⁤different ‌base subset tiers, such ⁣as Concourse and Field Level editions, provide a diverse range of cards ⁣to collect. With‌ 30 football cards inside ⁤each box, there is ​plenty to discover and enjoy. For fans of college football and NFL ⁣card collecting, the 2022 Panini Select ⁤Draft Picks Football Blaster is a must-have ⁣addition to‍ any⁤ collection. So, why wait? Check it out on Amazon today!

In-Depth Analysis and⁣ Recommendations

When it comes to the 2022 Panini Select Draft⁤ Picks Football ⁣Blaster Box, we ​were thoroughly impressed by ⁤the depth‌ and variety⁣ it offers to college football collectors. As a standalone collegiate product, ‍it brings a fresh perspective to the beloved​ Select brand,⁢ focusing ⁤heavily on the​ 2022 NFL Draft ⁣class. With base subset tiers like Concourse and Field Level, along with an array of Prizm parallels including the ⁢eye-catching Tri-color,​ there’s plenty to keep ‌collectors engaged and excited.

Moreover, the inclusion ⁣of Blaster Exclusive Gold Lazer Prizms ⁣and autographs from top rookies in the 2022 class adds a layer of​ excitement‍ to each pack. The box contains 6 packs with 5 trading cards per pack, totaling to 30 football cards inside. For​ those looking to dive deep into the upcoming NFL Draft class and add some⁣ exclusive cards to their ‍collection, the 2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster Box is a recommended choice.

Packs Per Box: 6 Packs
Cards Per Pack: 5 Trading Cards
Total Cards: 30 Football Cards

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Here at our blog, we are always excited to‍ delve into the world of football card‍ collections, and the 2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster certainly⁢ caught our attention. ⁣Let’s take a look at what some customers had to say about ⁢this product:

Customer Reviews
“These seem ‌to ⁢be⁤ a popular brand with the young collectors.”
“Not a lot to tell, my⁣ son enjoyed them.”
“Nothing of value in box.”
“My son enjoyed getting these.”
“In⁣ my ‍opinion these are Panini’s best looking cards. Without being crazy overpriced like some of their other⁤ hobby store only boxes.”
“Product came on time and prompt and was exactly as described and wanted. A++ to the sellers. It was for a‍ birthday gift.”
“The‌ cards came warped. Don’t waste your money.”
“I thought there would be mostly the college players but it’s more old timers than the new​ guys.Disappointed.”

From ⁢the customer reviews, it’s clear that opinions are varied when it comes to the ​2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster.‍ Some customers found the cards enjoyable, especially for young collectors, while others were‌ disappointed ⁢with the quality and content of the boxes.

One ​standout review highlighted the aesthetically pleasing design of the cards,⁣ praising Panini for ⁢offering a visually appealing‌ product at a reasonable price point. On the other hand,⁣ there were ‌complaints⁢ about the cards arriving damaged, which is certainly a valid⁢ concern for collectors looking to preserve their collections.

When considering purchasing the 2022 Panini ‌Select Draft Picks Football Blaster, it’s important to weigh both the positive and negative reviews to make an informed decision based on your own collecting preferences.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Exciting opportunity to collect⁤ cards from the 2022 NFL⁣ Draft class.
  • Exclusive Blaster Box Gold Lazer Prizms add value⁣ to the ‌set.
  • Potential to pull autographs from top rookies in the ‍class.
  • Multiple Prizm parallels make for ⁣visually appealing cards.


  • Only ‌30 trading cards per‍ Blaster Box ​may not be enough for some ‍collectors.
  • Limited availability of autographs​ may disappoint‍ some collectors.
  • Base subset tiers may feel repetitive to collectors⁢ familiar ⁤with Select style.

Overall, the 2022⁤ Panini⁢ Select Draft ​Picks Football ​Blaster Box offers ⁣a thrilling ‍opportunity for collectors to⁤ dive into the world of the latest NFL Draft class.⁣ While there⁣ are some ​drawbacks‍ to consider, the potential for valuable pulls and visually stunning cards make it a⁣ worthwhile addition ⁢to any collection.


Q: Are there ⁢any guaranteed hits in each box ​of 2022‍ Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster?

A: While there are no specific guarantees⁢ for hits in each box, you can still find exciting autographs from the top rookies in the 2022 ‌class in some boxes. Keep an eye ⁢out for those coveted signatures!

Q: What makes the Blaster‍ Exclusive Gold Lazer⁤ Prizms so special in this product?

A: The Blaster ​Exclusive Gold Lazer Prizms offer a unique and exclusive parallel that‍ collectors ‍will definitely want ⁣to add⁤ to their collections. ​These shiny gold cards stand out from ‌the rest and are a⁢ must-have for any ​enthusiast.

Q: ‌How⁣ many packs and cards are included in each box of 2022​ Panini Select Draft Picks Football⁣ Blaster?

A: Each box contains​ 6 packs, with 5 trading ‍cards in each pack,‌ for a total of 30 football cards. ​This gives collectors plenty of cards to open and enjoy,⁣ with the chance to pull some incredible inserts and parallels.

Q: Is this product suitable for beginner collectors, or is it​ more geared towards experienced hobbyists?

A: 2022‍ Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster ⁣is a great option ⁣for collectors of all skill ⁢levels. Beginners will appreciate the variety of base subsets and inserts to‌ collect, while experienced hobbyists will enjoy hunting for rare autographs and exclusive parallels. It’s a product​ that can appeal to a wide range of football card⁢ enthusiasts.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

As ​we⁤ wrap up⁢ our review of the 2022 Panini Select Draft Picks ⁤Football Blaster, we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the world of college football card collecting with us. With its unique base subsets, exclusive Gold Lazer Prizms, and⁣ autographs from ​top rookies, ‌this blaster box offers plenty of‌ excitement for football card enthusiasts.

If ⁢you’re ready to add this must-have product to your collection, click here to grab ⁢your own 2022 Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster now! Happy collecting!

Get your⁤ 2022 ⁤Panini Select Draft Picks Football Blaster‌ here!

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